tisdag 2 december 2008

Sanningen om islam och deras mångud allah

Min krönika på Flashback

Det här är en väldigt bra videosnutt som kan ses flera gånger:

Om allahs far och döttrar


'Allah' is not the God of the Torah or the Christian Bible.

He is one of the many ancient gods from Arabic polytheism! Pre-Islamic Pagan peoples worshipped Allah as their supreme deity (moon-god)

Mohammed gave this god a nasty new character and unbalanced the Cosmic Order by denying the Goddess principle!

The 'captured star' in the crescent is not Venus, it is Canopus, which was the focus of the followers of Astarte, Ishtar, Isis, Sekhmet and many others. They represented many things to many people, such as fertility, compassion, love nurture/nature, sexuality and purity, even ferocity! Most Pagan belief systems are expressing aspects of an overall, indwelling and all encompassing Creatrix, who transcends gender and certainly would not approve of concepts such as Hell-Fire, or Sharia law!!

Mohammed must have been a total lunatic! As well as a sick pervert!
The bullshit contained in the Koran has inflicted misery upon millions and millions of people for 1,700 years, the worst ever crimes committed against Humanity.

He didn't invent Barbarism but he institutionalised all that is Evil:-

Slavery,War,looting, pillaging and raping. Elite -ism. Misogyny, Pedophilia,Incest,

Racism,Anti- Semitism,Totalitarianism,torture, taxation

Chopping up people,Sadism, stoning to death

Suppression of women, fear of women, mutilation of women,Irrational fear of women,

He was anti-life, anti-peace, anti- Nature, anti-all that is good in the Universe!

Ooh I almost forgot, Taqiyya/Kitman ( deception of the Kaffurs by any means, like going against the Hippocratic oath)

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